Step-By-Step Design Process

Initial Consultation icon

Initial Consultation

We will discuss your project, listen to your needs, and begin a list of desired options. We’ll visit the site to review the existing conditions and overall changes that are being made in the space. At this point, we can create a retainer amount that will be required to start the drawings.

Preliminary Designs icon

Preliminary Designs

Different scenarios will be created with your goals in mind. Once the scope is defined, budget and time frame are set. Upon approval, this will end the preliminary design phase. Any changes to the scope after approval has been made will result in a change order.

Working Drawings icon

Working Drawings

Drawings are developed to prepare the space to accept the new cabinetry. These plans will be available to everyone involved, including: Homeowner, Contractor, Architect, Interior Designer, Electrician, Plumber, Heating & Air, Countertop & Tile Companies. Once all parties have signed off, construction will begin. A contract between our company and contractor or homeowner will be established.

Construction & Installation

Our craftsmen will take the plans to create the new cabinets. When complete, we send it to the finish shop. This is a state of the art facility located off-site. They generally need 2-4 weeks to complete this process. We will then deliver to the job site and prepare for the installation team to take over. The installation time will vary due to the complexity of each project, generally 1 to 2 weeks.